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A writer for over ten years, Hoang Tran has written and edited various forms of works such as short stories, film scripts, essays, articles, reviews, web content, novels, and poetry.

Hoang TranWriting has always been a love for Hoang, who discovered the versatility of words in high school. Like many young adults, he could not decide what to pursue after graduating and decided to study pharmacy. It seemed like a stable career.

However, his desire to write eventually prevailed and, after spending far too much money switching between majors, he earned a Bachelors Degree in English (with an emphasis on Creative Writing) at the University of Kansas.

However, he still sneaks in a little science in his life every now and again. Like contributing to Open4BioClean and micro biology organic cleaning!

Hoang keeps busy by filling the role of Executive Producer and Contributing Writer for a local independent film called Mount Hopeless. Recently winning first place in the 2015 Short Story Contest for the Wichita Novel Event.

Aside from science, Hoang is an avid fan of all things bizarre and fascinating, He writes everyday and has a blog which he updates frequently with random musings and news he finds interesting. A multifarious clutter of miscellany. Feel free to check it out.

Hoang has plans to publish a collection of short stories and poetry. Open4BioClean will be watching for this! And in the not too far off future has hopes to publish a novel, finish several screenplays, and hopefully write something important!

Regardless of when the future awakes, Hoang will still be writing in his small corner.

Open4BioClean is proud to welcome Hoang as an expert author on micro biology science.

Get Smart about BioClean™