EPA Amalgam Rule Separators

Rochelle Bache - UCLA Faculty Group Dental Practice

I am writing to tell you what a great experience our practice has had with the Bio-Pure Complete Evacuation System Cleaner. When I first inquired about the product you explained that it is an all natural product that uses enzymes and bacteria to "eat" the waste in the amalgam traps and amalgam separator cartridges. Which in return would reduce the frequency of cartridge and trap changing.

Our group practice has eighteen treatment rooms and is very busy so I wondered if the product would work as well as you indicated. We have been using the product now for a few months and have been extremely pleased with the results. Prior to using Bio-Pure, our SolmeteX Hg5® containers were being changed on a weekly basis. They were always extremely full.

After the initial (3) day "clean out" phase with Bio-Pure and by running Bio-Pure through our evacuation system twice a week, we have dramatically reduced the number of times we need to change the cartridges. On the average, we now change them about once a month which is a huge cost savings for us.

Thank you so much for recommending Bio-Pure for our practice. I would recommend Bio-Pure to any practice that wants an effective "all natural" product that saves money on evacuation system expenses.

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