EPA Amalgam Rule Separators

The most common way to save is to pay less for the same item! At some point though, unless you are being offered products that "fell off the back of a lorry" the price hits bottom, and the only way to save more is to do something different. BioClean, or the use of micro biology, is about doing something different. In this case, it is about eliminating the organic waste that typically makes up two thirds of the material in a Solmetex filter cartridge.

One of the perks of writing about new disruptive technologies is that I get to learn about new science and new markets every day. I love new technology, especially when it CAN actually do something useful. If this can be done at a lower cost, and by doing less harm to our environment I get really interested.

I have to recognize my bias against big corporations. Our web site Open4Energy has been exposing untoward claims by products using 'tecno babble' to deceive consumers on electricity saving products for almost three years now. We do take care to be accurate!

Did you know that there are 180,000 dentists practicing in the USA?  There are also 200,000 practicing dental hygienists! Every day millions of Americans rely on the suction in a dental evacuation system keeping working to avoid choking. Something I never gave a moments thought to!

According to Harry Nelson, president of Dansereau Dental, who focus on cost efficient dental packages, Dansereau began providing the SolmeteX Hg5® Series of Amalgam Separators (our market leader) because of their simple convenient solution to collection and disposal of toxic waste. But convenience comes at a price. The replacement filter cartridges are not cheap. So much so that they are going to soon supply a different product, The Amalgam Collector from Dr Fraker. It comes with a filter that can be emptied into any toxic waste disposal system. But this will not help most dentists who already have a SolmeteX Hg5® Amalgam Separator and NEED to reduce their cost of replacement containers.

My interest in this topic of SolmeteX Hg5® replacement containers, in particular why in 2007 they would partner with PureVac from Sultan - an evacuation system cleaner - was tweaked by a letter to Bio-Pure Products from Rochelle of UCLA Faculty Group Dental Practice. UCLA almost never comment on specific products. I happen to own a "free" Sonic toothbrush and am acutely aware of how "not free" the convenient replacement heads are. How interesting that UCLA were using the Slugbuster cleaner from DentalEz Group and not the PureVac SC from Sultan usually recommended by Solmetex.

Take a look at the image above. Imagine how many replacement cartridges will be required when all that "muck" finds it's way into the containers? But if it remains in the lines, it is only a question of when the suction fails, not if!

I now understand what Bio-Pure is saying in their message of "soak not flush." Any product that will eat the organic waste away, digest the bio-film plaque, and not cause it to flush into the filter cartridges warrants investigation. And it is easy to do! Bio-Pure offers a 100% money back guarantee if suction is not improved after an evacuation system is treated with their restore product!

Get Smart about BioClean™