Get Smart about BioClean™


There are many players in the pursuit of mercury gold. Each of them is accountable in their own way in contributing to this elaborate and grand design. Some of them are unaware and uniformed. They are not necessarily ignorant but were never enlightened about how deep the infection is or they are either misled or misinformed. Some of the cast are callous in their pursuit to maintain the status quo of power and money. It is important and essential to examine each of the cast to understand the drama of mercury gold.

The first group is one who contributes the most to the vital lifeline to the industry but is the least informed relative to the other groups. This group is the consumers. Every man, woman, and child of every age group, ethnic background, and culture are in need of a dentist. In America, that totals to 300 million potential dental patients. According to the CDC, in 2014, about 83% of children ages 2-17, 61.7% of adults ages 18-64, and 60% of adults ages 65 and older have all visited this dentist. The millions of Americans have helped contributed to the dental industry to the tune of $123 billion in revenue in America alone. Consumers help fund this vast empire yet they are the least informed. They are the lifeline yet they are the most manipulated. The reason for this is simple: the industry is complex and research takes time, of which most consumers have very little. It takes effort and diligence to shift through information and statistics. In this data intensive world, being informed is akin to a full time job. And so the group which contributes the most money is the group which is left in the dark. They are accountable for their own awareness but of which their only flicker of quick and easy information comes from their dental provider and even the dentists are poisoned by mercury.

There are currently around 190,000 practicing dentists in America. That is calculated to be about one dentist per 1,578 Americans. To be a dentist, a student needs to first have a bachelor degree or equivalent as well as pre-requisites such as biology and chemistry courses. Then the prospective student will have to be accepted into one of the 65 accredited dental schools and go through a vigorous 4 year program. A dentist never starts out ravenous for money. Many of them sincerely want to help. Many of them still do. But on the other spectrum, many dentists lose their way. It is the allure of prestige, the appeal of power, and the magnetism of money that pulls them into compliancy. And they are accountable for that; for their consent to those who lead them astray. 

And what are groups and organization to whom the dentists are submissive?  There are many but the primary ones are the ADA, the manufactures (most notably Dentsply), the dealers, and the media.  

The ADA is a vast organization with immeasurable influence on the dental industry. Their history with mercury amalgam stretches all the way back to its origin and they have built an entire empire on mercury gold. Their influence not only touches the manufactures and suppliers like Dentsply (who works in conjunction with the ADA in supplying mercury amalgam), the dealers, and the media but also reaches to the EPA, the organization created to hold the ADA and their mass accountable. Yet even the government acquiesces to lobbyists; even the government is held accountable. The EPA tries to propose new rule but stumble as the media spins in favor of ADA approved amalgam separators and rejects alternative solutions.

They try to regulate while the ADA issue “recommendations” which sympathizes with their preferred products, which propagates because of the dealers who strong arm and threaten anything that threatens their stability.

They set forth a voluntary program with the ADA in which the results are that no one volunteers.

And all of this is to keep a steady supply of mercury gold.   

In the end it is the consumers, dentists, ADA, Dentsply, the manufactures and suppliers, the EPA, and the media that are all accountable. Call it everyone! The more that they have made from mercury gold, the more they have to lose.

Our examination is going to be thorough and intense. We will get to the bottom of it. We will hold those who have profited at our expense to account. We will follow our rainbow, and find our pot of mercury gold.

Get Smart about BioClean™