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MINDEN, NV --- Bio-Pure Products, Inc., makers of All Natural on-site waste management products, announces after 5+ years of field-testing on our award winning formula, the results are in.

Bio-Pure restores Evacuation System Suction Dental Vacuum Line Cleaner.

Once in a while a product comes along that revolutionizes an industry, making all other products obsolete. Bio-Pure is one of those products. A proprietary, microbial formula, that allows “all” operatory evacuation equipment to function at peak performance.

ADA and EPA amalgam compliant, recommended by UCLA Faculty Group, Tech-West, Inc., other leading manufactures and service/repair technicians across the country. Bio-Pure is a triple-action, 100% All Natural evacuation system cleaner that breaks down, removes and digests organic waste. Bio-Pure restores vacuum line suction, eliminates daily trap hand cleaning & continues to clean between uses.

Bio-Pure is 100% safe for humans, animals & the environment. Bio-Pure’s efficiency & ease of use simplifies equipment upkeep, eliminating costly maintenance, repairs & downtime.

Feedback from Dental practices using Bio-Pure is clearly indicative of the leading place Bio-Pure Evacuation System Cleaner is destined to hold.

Bio-Pure comes in a (6 oz) restorative, (6, 14 & 48 oz) maintenance sizes and is available through authorized Dealers & Service Repair Companies. Bio-Pure evacuation system cleaner is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Bio-Pure does the whole job and continues to clean between uses; chemicals just can't do that.

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