EPA Amalgam Rule Evac Cleaners

We have been following evacuation system cleaning products, in particular the use of micro biology in place of chemicals for years. Not only has Bio-Pure passed the stringent criteria for evaluation by Dr. Gordon J. Christensen of Clinicians Report, it has been included in their recommended list of products, evaluated as hygiene category products.

Slogged inlet

Bio-Pure did direct me to an earlier study by Dental Advisor, which I am certain was independently and professionally carried out.

At the same time, the cynic in me knows that Sable Industries paid for the 2012/3 "Green Awards advertising package" and the study done in 2012.

I do not wish to infer any negative connotation to the Dental Advisor studies. In fact, I have spoken with Dr Molinari, and can confirm that they were scientifically carried out with "test" dentists who had nothing to gain by participating in the product study.

But still, there is a "commercial element" to this work - which is not possible with Clinicians Report.


I have spoken to too many service technicians of how Bio-Pure opened a "slogged pipe" - and in fact seen too many "yuk" images of exactly what said pipes looked like before Bio-Pure to have any doubt to the efficacy of Bio-Pure.

I will admit to being rather "ho hum" at the fact Bio-Pure was included in a list of products published by Dr. Christensen though. You only need to look at the MSDS sheets, and apply some common sense to know that certain chemical products are little more than water and a "salt" which will never do much actual cleaning.

While others contain strong chemicals (some include enzymes) and will clean the evacuation system by flushing the waste away, as any quality chemical products should do.  Then think about Gobble from Germiphene Corporation in Canada, and Bio-Pure in the USA - the two genuine micro biology based products, spend a moment to understand the science of living" bugs that eat the waste away, 24x7 vs. chemicals, and you will know that the Clinicians report study was going to conclude as it did.

At last I feel justified to have been banging on this drum for quite so long. I can not stress too strongly the need for "measured" healthy suction in any office. Not done to promote some better evacuation system cleaner, but because we have a serious patient infection management issue to consider!

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