EPA Amalgam Rule Attitude

How is it humanly possible that ethyl mercury which crosses the blood brain barrier; is cumulative; can be absorbed through the skin as our kids swim; is passed to us through the entire food chain; has continued to be  dumped down our drains for the last 30 years with relative impunity.

It was lead poisoning that killed off the Roma Empire. This is mercury; which is far more toxic!

Why is self regulation of mercury by the ADA so obviously not working?

The EPA estimates that 31.4 tons of mercury is generated by dental restorations and dental extractions each year.

According to the 2002 Mercury Source Control and Pollution Prevention Program Final Report prepared by NACWA, dentists are the main source of mercury discharges to POTWs.

A study conducted by the New York Academy of Sciences in 2002 concluded that 40% of the mercury in their local waterways originated in dental offices. The data published by Kings County showing change in mercury levels after their implementation of a pre-treatment rule for the circa 1000 dental offices located in their sanitary district agrees with this finding.


In 2008 the EPA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the ADA and NACWA recommending that their members participate in a Voluntary Dental Amalgam Discharge Reduction Program. The EPA states officially that 35% of dentist volunteered. But it is reliably estimated that 3% to 4% at most actually participated.

Would it not be sensible and reasonable that dentists, being professional healthcare providers, should be eager and willing to participate in a program to reduce deposits of mercury in our waterways? If so, why are there so few volunteers? What is the reason for the low turn out? Why the low compliance?

There are several players involved in this convoluted battleground; of poison, dollar signs and a pretty white smile.

In fairness, today's "pretty white smile" industry, that promises everything we ever wanted did not start out like this. It began as a calling, with medical professionals who cared deeply for the well being of their patients. In the 1800's amalgam-mercury was selected as the dental restorative material of choice due to its low cost, ease of application, strength, and durability. What followed is what happens to all who worship the mighty dollar.

The EPA has finally been compelled to act. Proposing a rule that regulates the removal of amalgam-mercury by dental offices/discharges. With BMP's that require "natural" cleaners that will not cause the mercury captured to go into solution as yet more poisonous soluble mercury. The ADA have chimed in with their comments. In translation, the ADA will only endorse the EPA new rules if the ADA approves. But why would the ADA try to impose their rules and amalgam separators? Do they have a stake in this?

The inconvenient truth of 180 million consumers walking about with little mercury time bombs waiting to be removed is not exactly "happy news" to an industry that is more toxic than the material which is exposing it. In the timeless traditions of investigative journalism we are going to follow the money!

We hope that you will follow us on our journey of manipulation, litigation, money, and betrayal. The players all have a stake, in mercury gold, and its unintended side effects!

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